Laser Stencil Cutting Machine

SMT Laser cutting machine

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Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine


Product Description

 TOPBEST automatic positioning SMT laser template cutting machine G680-al

Adopt more advanced fixture design, pneumatic fixture, automatically tighten mesh frame, directly cut mesh frame of any size, more convenient to use;

Automatic identification and positioning system are adapted to automatically enter and exit the mesh frame, automatically fill holes and locate, and automatically locate the cutting of long mesh frame without manual intervention.

Add a fourth shaft motor, which can be automatically adjusted according to the width of the mesh frame, and cut a larger width and a faster speed.

Features: advanced long life, maintenance-free fiber laser;

Pure oxygen cutting, good cutting quality, small thermal deformation;

Precise motion control platform, positioning accuracy, more stable performance;

Using air cooling technology to eliminate the traditional water cooling, reduce energy consumption and save cost;

By loading the import controller and servo system, the speed is increased 100%;

Professional supercut-al operating software, friendly interface, simple operation, easy to use, easy to use.

Small size, save more space; Rigorous safety design; Close-fitting financial plan, expert parameter database, redundant double furniture design; Easily repair templates.

The process monitoring and control system adopts the real-time process control technology. If the cutting effect is not ideal after monitoring, the cutting parameters can be automatically optimized so as to not affect the production time and increase the output rate to the maximum.

When cutting with air cooling technology, pure oxygen and air cooling technology are adopted to eliminate the traditional water cooling method, which reduces the energy consumption of the equipment by 30%, reduces the maintenance required when using external cooling device, and reduces the processing time wasted when switching off the machine due to high water temperature, so as to improve efficiency and save costs.

The world's leading optical fiber laser, with long life and 400,000 hours of "maintenance-free" operation, means that it is no longer necessary to spend precious production time to shut down or replace the laser lamp in daily operation. At the same time, compared with the past lamp pump laser equipment, can save about 80%. 

Simple operating software SuperCut AL, the operating software, not only simplifies the processing steps of cutting operations but also improves efficiency and makes operation easier. For example, it can select, cancel, select and cut, fast information conversion, and use customized functions.


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