Soldering Robot T-6331RS

Dual Z axis dual working station soldering robot

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Soldering Robot T-6331RS


Soldering theory

Run mode:By application of multi-axis drive manipulator and software control to achieve precise positioning of the soldering head.

Soldering manner: Thermostatically heating by solder iron under high-frequency eddy current.

Working principle:Fix solder iron at the manipulator, move to the appointed soldering coordinate, feed solder wire automatically at head of solder iron; solder wire solders under high temperature and come into joint with the target.



Spot soldering,drag soldering,automatic cleaning and multi-angle soldering are available.

Position calibration,soldering dot array,parameter copy,automatic location and skip are available.

Teaching programming enables customers to implement all types of hand soldering upon their requirement.

Program calibration achieves workpiece integral coordinate position compensation.

Program insertion and deletion make program revised easily and rapidly.

Intelligent control system achieves accurate delivery of solder,speed,time,temperature and quantity of solder can be adjusted and controlled accurately


Cost saving:High-efficiency operation is achieved by only one person.one person's efficiency amounts to 3-5 persons' efficiency;

Good quality:Good soldering uniformity achieved high yield;

High efficiency:Multiple soldering tips work together at the same time to achieve high efficiency;

More simple:One worker can operate 2-3 robots.what this worker does is only pick and place fixture;

Customization:Robot is strictly customized based on customers' requirements on products and soldering production,in line with requirements of production lines;

Good image:Intelligent automatic equipment presents a new appearance of production line in factories,which helps enterprises establish a image of high technology;



1. Why Robotic Soldering?
-- The main purpose it to replace manual soldering and give better in term of quantity and quality of production. It also due to Design For Manufacturing (DFM) which is wave soldering method cannot be done.


2. What are the advantage compared to wave soldering?
-- Only small workspace needed
-- Less electricity used 
-- Avoid solder oxidized in tin bath from wave soldering process

3. How long for soldering process?
  -- Solder time depends on solder point size. For example, smaller solder point need 0.6 seconds , larger solder point need two to three seconds.


4. What are the method for soldering?
-- Our machine offers two methods of soldering which is point and slide soldering depend on soldering distribution.


5. When does the Z-axis need to rotate?
  -- Our machine offers Z-axis for rotationdepend on location of solder point.


6. Does the machine has dual-head for solder tip?
-- For high efficiency, we offer dual head solder tip for simultaneously solder but Z-axes cannot do the rotation.


7. What is the heating system used?
-- Currently we are using heating system from Weller's brand. But itis also compatible with Quick, Hakko and JBC brand.


8. How many rail systems offered?
-- Our machine has dual rail system to allow loading on second rail simultaneously while first rail is on soldering process.


9. What is the lifetime of a solder tip?
-- Up to 30,000 solder point. Depends on temperature used and area of soldering points.
-- The higher the temperatureuse, the shorter the lifespan of iron tips.
-- The bigger the areaof soldering point, the shorter the lifespan of iron tip.


10. Does the machine come with warranty?
-- The machine come with 1 year warranty excluding consumable part such as iron tip and solder wire. 6 months for heating.


11. How about after sale service?
-- We provide remote video and 24hours telephone or you may visitto our company. On site service will be charge accordingly.


12. What is the size of working base?
-- Working base size as stated for each machine. However, size of product can be customized according customer.


13. Does the enclosure included?
-- You may select model with or without enclosure.


14. What are the safety features of the machine?
-- Emergency button is accessible for all machines. Safety door is optional.


15. Are the soldering system compatible with other robot?
-- Our soldering system is compatible with SCARA robot, 6 AXIS robot.


16. Can i be your distributor?
-- Yes, we are open to any company that would like to become our distributor except in certain area we already have our own agent.


17. Which spare part are included with the machine?
-- The spare parts are Solder tip (10 units), feeding tube 1 set each solder wire diameter (1.2mm, 1mm, 0.8mm).


18. Do you provide fixture for the machine?
-- Yes, we also can design the fixtures based on customer product.


19. What are the delivery term?
  -- Lead time is 20 working days.





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