Auto feeding Manual screwdrivers GW-4

Gravity type Auto screw feeding manual screwdrivers

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Auto screw feeding manual screwdrivers

Auto feeding Manual screwdrivers GW-4(图1)



1.Portable Auto feeder screwdriver machine with small volume and can be carried conveniently.

2.Automatic feeding with vibration and gravity type sensor,do not need air pressure feeding ,more simple and more convenient.

3.LED display can display the number of feeding screws and can adjust feeding speed.

4.Sensor controls screws feeding one by one to avoid feeding repetition.

5.Automatic screw feeding, sorting and fixing for various shapes screws.One-hand operation.

6.Torsion precision and convenient adjustment, ensure the quality of screw fixing

7. High efficiency,Do not need to pick up screw, move screw and put screw,just need to align the hole to fasten the screw 8. Can fix screws very fast, around fasten 60 screws per minute.


Application range

1.Scope of applicative screw: M1.2- M4,the screw length should be over 1.3 times greater than the diameter of screw head

2.Scope of applicative screw head: cross slot, triangle groove, trox, hexagonal slot, H head, etc.

3.Surface Treatment of screw: electrolytic nickel plating, color zinc plating, white zinc plating, and copper plating, etc.

4.Screw materials: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.

5.Materials of products to be screwed: plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.

6.Applicative Industries: mobile photo, hard disk, keyboard, toy, LCD/LED modules, communication equipment, electrical appliances, auto parts and so on.

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