FPC UV laser cutting machine

UV laser cutting machine

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FPC UV laser cutting machine 

FPC UV laser cutting machine (图1)

UV laser cutting machine

FPC UV laser cutting machine (图3)

FPC UV laser cutting machine (图4)

TOPBEST UV laser cutting machine 6000P II Description:

Can be integrated with production LINE: gantry structure and flight light path design, easy to access to the production LINE, according to production requirements with special material and in-line system, achieve full automation of production, greatly improve production efficiency, is specially designed for FPC and PCB processing equipment.

Efficient and fast FPC/PCB external cutting, drilling and covering film window cutting, fingerprint identification chip cutting, TF memory cardboard cutting, mobile phone camera module cutting and other applications.

Block, layer, designated block or selected area cutting and direct molding, cutting edge neat and round, smooth without burr, no overflow glue. Products can be arranged matrix multiple automatic positioning cutting, especially suitable for fine, high difficulty, complex pattern cutting

High-performance laser: the international brand of solid-state ultraviolet laser, with good beam quality, small focus spot, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, small slit width, high cutting quality is the guarantee of perfect cutting quality.

Fast and high precision: high precision, low drift galvanometer and fast coreless linear motor system platform combination, fast cutting while maintaining the micron order of high precision.

Complete automatic positioning: adopt high-precision CCD automatic positioning and focusing, make the positioning fast and accurate, high precision, no manual intervention, simple operation, and realize the same type of one-key mode.

Waste gas treatment system: the air suction system can eliminate all the waste gas cutting, avoiding the harm to operators and the pollution to the environment.

The high degree of automation: vibration mirror automatic correction, automatic focus, automatic automation of the whole process, the use of laser displacement sensor to automatically adjust the focus to the height of the table, to achieve rapid alignment, save time and worry.

Easy to learn software: independently developed control software based on Windows system, easy to operate Chinese and English interface, friendly and beautiful, powerful and diverse functions, simple and convenient operation.

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