Hotmelt adhesive dispensing machine HM-6331

Hotmelt adhesive dispensing machine details

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Hotmelt adhesive dispensing machine

Hotmelt adhesive dispensing machine

Machine introduction:

1: English teach pendant programming,easy to lean and operate,3D arc, circle, dot and line glue path can be programmed easily;

2: The machine body parts are all processed by CNC in one piece to ensure the consistent transmission accuracy of X/Y/Z;

3: The machine is made of aluminum material, which is light in weight and driven by single linear guide rail;

4. Glue dispensing program can be downloaded and copied on U disk and teaching box. The volume, thickness, speed, glue dispensing time and parameters can be set at will;

5. A variety of dispensing tips, syringes, dispensing valves and controllers to meet different needs;


  • Dual rails work alternately with non-stop machines with high efficiency

  • Uniform temperature, temperature deviation ±1℃

  • The dispensing speed and amount of dispensing glue can be set separately

  • Different capacity of hot melt dispensing container is available

  • Uniform glue dispensing,no glue tail


1.Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are manufacturer, we build the machine by our team. We have R&D team that can customize the machine based on customer requirement.

2.Q: Can you provide the quotation for your glue dispensing machine?

Thanks for your inquiry, before we can provide quotation, please share your glue data sheet especially viscosity of the glue use, glue dispensing volume ,glue packing and your product details so that we can give suitable solution. Highly appreciate if you can share the manual glue dispensing video. 

3.Q: Does our dispensing unit can be integrated with your platform?

It is workable, previously we have integrated dispensing valve with Vermes, Musashi and Nordson. Otherwise, please confirm signal type needed to be provided by us.

4.Q: How to control the amount of glue?

The amount of glue is controlled depends on valve used. Air pressure controller valve is less accurate. We can also control valve opening by using voltage or current signal to control the glue amount. Also we can change real time dispensing speed by changing PWM signal to control the excessive glue at corner side.

5.Q: What are the consumable parts of your machine?

Example for syringe system, we will provide 30 dispensing needle and 5 glue syringe for each machine. Others system will be negotiable with customer.

6.Q: How much is the transportation freight?

The freight depends on the quantity, weight, size and the destination port.

7.Q: How about the working life time of machine?

Normally, our machine can be used for over 5 years. Except for consumable parts, the other parts can be replaced for free of charge within one year.

8.Q: How can I trust your company and ensure to get the goods when i placed order from you?

We established since 2000 with 4000 square meter factory, supported by 100 employee. We also have 500 customer all around the globe.

9.Q: How about the package? Is it safe during the delivery?

All machine is packed by standard strong plywood with foam inside.

10.Q: What's your lead time?

15-20 working days depending to your quantity.

11.Q: Are the machine easy to use? If I have no experience, can i operate it well?

Did you provide the user manual and operating videos to support us?

Yes, our machine is designed easy to use. Normally, it will take you 2-3 hours to learn on how to operate, if you have experience on the similar machine, it will much faster to learn. We will provide the English user manual, and remote video support. If you still have problems, we will arrange on site support.

12.Q: If we come to your factory, will you provide the free training?

Yes, warmly welcome you to visit our factory, we will arrange the free training for you.

13.Q: How to avoid glue dripping or glue tail?

We retract back the glue after dispensed. We also reverse the path first before retract the glue dispensing needle.     

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